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What’s in a name?

How would you interact, communicate or identify something if it had no name or code? How would you identify yourself if your name was taken away? How do you respond to some names … be it a brand, or a favourite celebrity or a public figure?

However, the level of response to the same thing would differ between two people responding to it (responders) … not just because of a perception … but also due to affinity that a name draws within a group of similarly tuned names.

And behind the vibration of these names is the science of Numerology …

Numbers are behind every science (Except pure Biology but including molecular / nuclear biology) Numerology is hence the study of numbers corresponding to the date of birth, name and its vibrations, influence of these vibrations on the world at large and people around you in specific, how does these numbers either impede or enhance your progress in various facets of your life (career, love, finance, health, family, fame, etc.)

The study of Numerology had been in practice in ancient times in India, when the child was being named in the Upanayan ceremony by the learned scholars, which however, over the times, sadly got reduced to a ritualistic token, just guided by the initial letter of the name. Arguably, it did not yield the same result … as all the Sachin’s of the world do not and cannot share the same fate.

It is here that our professional Numerology services empower you with suitable suggestions to enable you to embark upon a life path that is individual to you and you alone.

Further, it is very important to analyse and realign the numerical vibrations with your field of work … current or aspirational. It may turn out that the best suitable number in your case does not go well with your choice of career … hence we need to choose the best that gels with your professional needs.

Our Professional Numerology services consists of a 360 degree analysis of your numerical configurations … date wise as well as name wise and advise on modifications that would leverage your full potential.

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