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Character of Moon Signs

Summary of Moon Sign Personality Traits

Moon Signs in Aries:
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. If this is your Moon Sign your personality is likely to be spontaneous and excitable. You are also militantly hostile in your expression of anger. You may be prone to periods of ire and irritation. You are very self-reliant. You want to have everything your way, and refuse to be pushed around by anyone. You are self-disciplined, and refuse to have others impose discipline on you. People either like you or hate you because of your impulsive behavior. You like taking charge, and will likely end up in a position of authority in your career. You are a natural leader. You set the pace and terms for yourself, and will choose your own vocation (regardless of advice from friends and relatives). The relationship between you and your parents may be difficult at times. There may be a lack of both sympathy, and communication there. Your actions are considered to be impulsive and unexpected by others who are watching you. The Moon in Aries is a good sign if you enjoy original plans, adventures, independence and military life. You may be attracted to the study of the occult, or mysticism. You like to keep secrets, and that drives some of your friends crazy.

You light up best when you’re recognized for your talents, but this can be a bit dodgy because Aries as your moon sign dictates a bit of modesty with your accomplishments (had you Aries in your sun, there’d be no issue with tooting your own horn). Nevertheless, you are illuminated with incredible perseverance, so even if you aren’t bragging about your inventiveness and accomplishments most people will see you shine brightly simply because you never give up, and persist in your goals. You’ve got a brilliant sense of humor that puts people at ease. This is a good thing because your exuberance and full-on voltage is sometimes off-putting to more sedate or reserved people. But you can’t be asked to hold back from your electric impulsiveness – you absolutely must express yourself. You do this exceedingly well in group projects – you are a consummate cheerleader; always motivating the group.

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Moon in Taurus:
Your moon side becomes illuminated when you are clear about your place, and where you stand within the grand scheme of things. You like utter honesty, and if you feel mind games are being played, you want no part of it. You tend to be very classy, with killer taste in design, fashion, art, etc. In fact, you need to surround yourself with refinery and loveliness. Otherwise, you’ll pick up on lower energies and dingy or sullied environments will send you to an abyss of depression. Taurean moon signs have notorious inner-wisdom. Your job is to trust that inner-knowing (because often these signs lack the conviction behind their gut instincts) because you are always dead-right. Do not make a move until you feel it is right on a visceral level. It’s your gift, and a fantastic tool for self-preservation. Trust your inner guidance, always.

If one had to describe you with one word, that word would probably be…conservative. You tend to fear anything outside the norm. You are deeply moved by anything that is beautiful. You differ from Aries in that you are not impulsive. Although you both might seek the same end, success, you will try to reach it conservatively, through hard work. The Moon in Taurus is well suited for you then, as those with this sign tend to attract good company, and usually end up with more than their fair share of money and property. You are also attracted to things that are old and established. As far as money is concerned, you will receive your financial reward, no matter what type of work you do. This vocation may not be considered to be worthy of your abilities or standing in the community, but that should not bother you. Your occupation may also have an aura of mystery around it. You are generally sociable, and actually quite sensual. Your social life suits your needs, but sometimes you tend to be a little too materialistic in your relationships. You have a good speaking or singing voice, and have a natural attraction to the theatre. You enjoy making new friends, and like joining clubs or other social circles.

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Moon Signs in Gemini:
Your mind is as sharp and clear as the fullest moon in the sky on a crystal-bright night. With this kind of mental alacrity comes a tendency to over-think. And, with over-thinking comes anxiety, worry or even doubt about your own judgment. Gemini moons do best when they can balance their active minds with some sort of creative outlet. Music is particularly effective as it activates both left and right brain functions. You have remarkable communication skills. You easily speak to others with confidence, and have the uncanny ability to “know” what is being said to you – even when your mind is thinking instead of listening to what the other is saying. This makes you an effective liaison, communicator and negotiator – but to a point. Gemini moons must be heard. If you feel you aren’t being listened to, you’ll tend to retreat from the scene (rather than push your point).

You like to exercise both your body and your mind. Your time is divided between studying and socializing. You may live in more than one place, or change you residence often. You like to move. The Moon in Gemini is good for your intellect. You are attracted to the literary and scientific. This tends to indicate that the vocation you choose will also be intellectual; a writer, teacher, journalist, scientist, etc. But with the influence of Gemini you will probably change your vocation as often as your residence. The theme of Gemini continues through your life, as you may be ambidextrous, able to do two things at once. You may not always be honest, especially in your dealing with others. You are so good at it, often people may never know you have deceived them.

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Moon in Cancer:
You shine your brightest when your mission to help, heal and support others. Moreover, you are “over the moon” with joy when you can see all your hard work pay off. You need to see the difference you make in the lives of others – this is your highest reward. Of course, recognition for all your support and nurturing is a great motivation for you too. As a moon sign, you’re not likely to show your touchy-feely-emotional nature to others, which is ironic seeing as how you are such a great mentor and supportive ally. Give acknowledgement to your inner stirrings rather than hide them. You’ve got amazing intuitive skills and, under stress you’re known to just blurt out thoughts on your mind that are incredibly accurate on a psychic level. You can train yourself to express your intuition more fluidly and openly, but you’ve got to open up a bit, come out of your shell.

Your personality is very similar to a person whose Moon is in Taurus. You are both great fans of relaxation and satisfaction. However you are different in that you lack either the stability or stubbornness of Taurus, (unless your Sun or Ascendant is in fact Taurus!) Your personality is rather supple and flexible. You are quite emotional. Your surroundings play a large role in your mood. When you are at home, or somewhere comfortable, you can be quite sociable, friendly and charitable. However when your environment tends to be less comforting, you tend to hide yourself. You are conservative in nature. You may be close to your family, your mother in particular. You may be strongly attached to her, and may bear a strong resemblance to her with regards to your personality. Unless the Sun was in Leo, Aries or Sagittarius (these Signs are noted for their independence) when you were born, taking advice from others and following through on others plans will bring you good luck. You are very perceptive about others feelings. This makes you a good actor or mimic. This sensitivity also may be an indication of psychic abilities. You are strongly attracted to water, whether you are aware of it or not. You may live or vacation near large bodies of water, and may enjoy travelling by ship.

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Moon Signs in Leo:
No amount of night will dampen your gloriously bright light. You have energy that is undeniable. Indeed, if someone denies you your proper place of respect and authority, it does not bode well. You are in your element when you are being admired for your amazing wit, charm and intelligence. With your sharp intellect comes a tendency to process to quickly and this makes you miss subtle clues in communication with others. Consequently, some misunderstandings can take you completely by surprise. Just remember the phases of the moon, and train your mind to move a bit like a rolling storm (rather than at lightning speed). You like to take risks, and these usually pay off for you because you tend to be naturally lucky. Perhaps that’s why your outlook is usually optimistic.

The Moon in Leo makes you strong, proud and courageous. You enjoy responsibility, and often take on too much of it. You have a natural attraction authority, and enjoy appearing the public eye. You would rather lead than follow any day. Your inherent pride makes you very susceptible to love affairs. The opposite sex takes a strong interest in you because of the frequency and sincerity of these affairs. Your actions at work attract the attention, and respect of your superiors. This can only mean good things for you as far as your career is concerned. As far as money is concerned you are very generous, a little too generous (much the same with your affections!). The Moon in Leo makes for a strong intellect and a strong love of the arts. Don’t be surprised if your occupation involves the theatre, music, painting or literature. You also have a love for luxuries. You like to drink the finest wine life has to offer. You are lively in spirit, have a high intelligence and have good prioritizing skills.

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Moon in Virgo:
You know how the moon orbits the earth? Well, your intuition orbits everything, and that means you’re often on “sensory overload” making you anxious and twitchy much of the time. Virgin moons tend to pick things up arbitrarily like a sponge gathers water. What’s more, you try to make sense of it all – putting chaos into order. Sorting out details and making everything tidy and logical tends to make you edgy, and others often have no idea what’s gotten you irritated. Just know you are this way, and be patient and accepting of this aspect of yourself. This kind of intuition is a gift. Work with it. And while you’re at it, ease up on the self-criticism. No one else is as harshly critical about you – so why are you being so relentless with yourself? Simply know your standards (even for yourself) are higher than everyone else’s. That means your “average” performance is actually excellence by anyone else’s standards.

You lead a quiet, unpretentious life. You are strong in intellect, and have a very good memory. You should pursue a career of a cerebral nature. You could be quite successful in such a vocation. Occupations dealing with health and healing are also ideally suited for you. Becoming a doctor or dietician would be extremely well suited for you. Your will is good, and should not get you into any kind of trouble. You make an excellent employee because of your honest and amiable nature. You also make a very fair and just employer. You will excel in the service of a company or corporation. You enjoy social interactions. You are prone to having lots of friends, and taking many trips. This is especially true if you are a woman. You like it when things are going well. Sometimes this will lead you to conceal, or ignore problems (especially with your marriage). You like to investigate into others problems, and your intellect is very beneficial to you in this area. You are attracted to the study of both science and the occult. You are extremely sensitive to others, and this may be an indication of psychic abilities.

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Moon Signs of Libra:
Your life is best illuminated when you keep things simple. You see tremendous beauty in the simplest elements, and seek to keep purity and clarity in place in all your dealings. Just because you have a need for simplicity doesn’t mean you’re life is uncomplicated. A moon in Libra is always looking for a yin to your yang (or vice versa). Meaning, you’re always seeking a complimentary balance to your energy – particularly in partnerships. You love a challenge, and you work very hard to balance the equation by finding solutions. This means you often attract partnerships with people who have some glaring flaws (because you know you can tip the balance and sort them out). You have incredible style too. The arts, fashion and literary excellence lures every inch of your inherent creativity and electrifies you.

You like to make friends. You are very sociable, and are attracted to people and situations that present you with a sense of balance. You look for partnership in all aspects of you life; love, business and friends. People consider you to be popular, affectionate and generous. In short, your life revolves around people. Usually it is just one person, a person with powerful persuasion over your life. Your love of people, company and sociality blinds you to others influence over you. Your judgement can often be swayed or affected by others. You have artistic potential, whether you have explored it or not. This explains your love for music, paintings, and fine arts in general. You have a good fashion sense, and hopefully your wardrobe expresses this. The Moon in Libra gives you a harmonious outlook on life. Partnership and balance are the key themes in your life. Someone else influences everything you do in your life. You are much more productive in the company of others.

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Moon in Scorpio:
You’ll find your more emotionally synchronized during the waning moon. This is because you process better in private, where watching eyes cannot see you. You are deeply intuitive and other people’s thoughts and feelings reveal themselves to you like curious magic. With all this information coming your way, it’s no wonder you need time alone to process everything. Your challenge is to be more forgiving of your natural cycles (you get impatient and angry with yourself – and tend to hide these feelings from others which just exacerbates your tension). You also tend to be guarded, and take great measures to manipulate your environment to match your ideal setting. And you are incredibly idealistic, which is a fabulous balance to your intensity.

You may feel as though no one understands you. You are a fighter by nature, and are hot tempered. You stand alone in your battles. You fight with assurance and confidence in yourself. Sadly though, you often bring out in yourself, the same thing you are fighting against. You are full of energy, and express yourself rather bluntly. While you may say that you are all right with change, inside it is a different story. You are actually quite conservative, and resist change, especially if other people force it upon you. When you do change your mind on an idea, you stand fully behind it, and help implement the change. Scorpio is in reality, one of the most misunderstood of all the Signs. You are inclined to act out of irritation or anger. You like to get revenge. Observers might think that you lack a strong moral code, or that you drink too much. In reality you have strong will power and determination, but also a strong love for pleasure. You are quite familiar with the subject of pleasure. You have a strong attraction to the opposite sex, and vice versa. This will cause you great trouble throughout your lifetime (more than one marriage is a strong possibility!). The Moon in this Sign is also related to death. Your occupation is probably related to death (you may be a policeman, fireman, soldier, etc.)

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Moon Signs in Sagittarius:
The moon is constantly in motion, which compounds your Sagittarian need for activity, variety and mobility. Ever the adventurer, you require life to show you excitement and high times. When things get dull, you get weary and set looking for something better, brighter. This need for shiny newness sometimes gets you into trouble because sometimes you stir the pot in the wrong direction – churning up too much activity or drama. Your saving grace is a strong sense of justice, and a love for humanity. These passions bring about your philosophical nature, which easily puts you in a position of teacher and mentor. Actually, you’re quite a brilliant tutor, and win a great deal of admiration from your followers (of which, there are many). It’s your enthusiasm that holds people in rapt attention of you and your teachings.

You absolutely love the great outdoors! You love the feeling of freedom that it gives you. People see you as a person who is active, fond of travel & sports, and quite jovial (derived from Jove or Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius!). However, when you are not outside you may appear to be restless, both physically and mentally. You tend to act first, and think later. This is most apparent, and harmful, in conversation. You say whatever is on your mind, simply and bluntly. You are not suited for diplomatic relations. As far as your occupation is concerned, you may be apt to changing it, or have more than one vocation. Overall you are good-natured, kind, and honest. You are very perceptive of others emotions. And if someone is hurt, you take it personally. You may have a short temper, but you are quick to forgive, and you never (well rarely,) hold a grudge. You are a good teacher because of your perspective on life. You can see the possible outcome of events long before they occur (your favorite phrase: ‘I told you so!’). Your intuition is strong, and often your dreams come true. This might indicate a psychic influence (but don’t count on it!). You can’t stay in one place for too long. You like to move!

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Moon in Capricorn:
To those who don’t know you well, you appear as cool as the moon. In control, self-disciplined and dignified, you are often mistaken as unfeeling. You’re extremely productive, capable and thorough. This means you make everything you do look easy, which can also put people off. They have no idea beneath your cool exterior you are pragmatically planning the next five moves in your strategy to accomplish your goals. And accomplish goals is a forte. A unique mixture of patience, willingness and dogged determination usually insures victory. You’re also remarkably dependable; others naturally seek you out for guidance and advice. Your special ability to stay collected under pressure makes you a fantastic leader. You also win respect from your peers easily because you don’t just talk the talk (you rarely boast), you actually walk the walk. You prove your value through consistent action. People really look up to you for that, and admire your integrity.

You were born to be in authority, it comes naturally to you. This could bring you either fame or notoriety! Either way, a certain amount of celebrity is guaranteed. If you focus on your ambition, dedication, and strong work ethic, the public eye will eventually come to view you as a prominent and respected individual. The Moon in Capricorn may make you a little insensitive and unperceptive of others feelings. Others might view you as cold and calculating. If your Sun or Ascendant is in one of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, your future success is almost assured. And with fame and success comes enemies. It is almost certain that one will appear and try to spoil your success or reputation, be it secretly or openly. But don’t worry, this person will most likely fail! You share characteristics as a person whose Moon is in Scorpio. Both of you have a great amount of energy, trouble with the opposite sex (sorry!), and a lack of control in certain areas of your life. You have a strong influence over others. You also know how to put on a good show, and will do anything to accomplish goals you have set for your self. You are a mover and a shaker!

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Moon Signs in Aquarius:
Nothing much gets past you, particularly when communicating with others. You’re the one who hears what a person is saying, but is also knows what is unsaid. I’d hate to play poker with you because you’re the one who knows everybody’s tells and quirky mannerisms. It’s the moon that enhances your knack for perception, and the Aquarian nature is to intellectualize what you’re perceiving. So, it only makes sense you are able to “read” people to the extreme. In fact, a lot of your decisions and actions are based on unseen intellect. This makes you look a wee bit daft or eccentric to others. Odds are you don’t mind the label – maybe even relish it. Although you have brilliant perception of what others are all about, you never use it for ill will. Quite the contrary. You are a humanitarian, and easily serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those around you. You also give off a comforting, secure vibe that puts people at ease and makes them trust you. This enhances your ability to help others.

You are very perceptive, imaginative, and enjoy the opinions your friends and colleagues offer. You are social, and sympathetic to others feelings. Your attitude is not the norm. You are prone to unorthodox, independent and unconventional tendencies. Your eccentric interests and hobbies will draw strange looks from observers. You are attracted to anything that is of an intellectual, social, original or unusual nature. Your vocation may include educational, political, scientific or social work. In your heart you are a true humanitarian. You have strong (sometimes-impractical) ideals. You are drawn to large movements supporting great causes. You may also belong to a (get ready for this) mystical or secret society, brotherhood, or association. Your intellect and imagination combine to give you inventive and original ideas. The Moon in Aquarius gives you an attraction towards occult subjects (astrology or clairvoyance). You are a real humanitarian, a true liberal. You get along with people who think the same as you. You may belong to a club or group of people who think the same way as you.

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Moon in Pisces:
You live on the darker side of the moon and tend to be reserved, sometimes downright withdrawn. Some people mistake this for shyness, but that’s really not the case. You’re just sensitive. Deeply sensitive. In fact, you have a vein of psychic gold that is so accurate, it scary even to yourself at times. You are incredibly gifted in your powers of observation. Even better, you are incredibly shrewd, you make accurate assessments and have sound judgment. This unique combination makes you a force to be reckoned with, but you tend to use your powers in creative ways. As long as others allow you to work and play in your own unique way you’re able to remain pretty content. However, if pushed into conformity, or criticized can unleash a raging sea of animosity. No one can blame you though because you have such a unparalleled perspective of the world – you really deserve to dance to your own specialized music and rhythm.

Your emotions drive you. Whatever appeals to them attracts you (be it music, literature or poetry). You change your mind easily, and to some, this makes you unreliable. When the going gets tough, you (much too easily) get discouraged. You love change, routines seem to draw the life out of you. You are easygoing, but very shy. The Moon in Pisces has often been considered an unfavorable Sign. It is often attributed with causing glandular problems and obesity. On the outside you appear happy, but inside you are prone to being depressed. You may even lack a common sense of humor. This may lead to periods of indiscretion, lack of focus, and even dishonesty. At some time in your life hospitals, prisons or some other type of institution will play an important role. However this must be put into context with the rest of your horoscope (the Sun & Ascendant) before any definite conclusions can be drawn. Don’t be discouraged, the Moon in Pisces can be one of the most appealing, sociable, entertaining and humorous of all the positions! You have a flair for music; composing, writing or just listening and appreciating. Whatever you do is emotional and romantic. You have very creative ideas, and a strong imagination to fuel them.

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