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Indie Astro – Mounts in Palmistry


The simplest divisions of the hands are the areas called “Mounts”.

The Mounts of the hands may be elevated, flat, or depressed. Elevated mounts show a physical, direct approach to the aspect represented by that mount. Depressed mounts denote a mental, or indirect approach to that aspect. Flat mounts show no real influence in the subject’s life.

The Mount of Jupiter
Ambition, Ego, Drive for Power, Achievement, Leadership.

The Mount of Saturn
Serious, Intellectual, Somber, Moody, Scientific Investigation.

The Mount of Apollo
Brilliance, Creativity, Artistic, Beauty, Emotional Fulfillment.

The Mount of Mercury
Communications, Spirituality, Commerce.

The Mount of Venus
Passion, Lust, Desire, and other Raw Emotions.

The Mount of Mars Positive
Physical Courage, Martial Spirit, Aggression.

The Mount of Mars Negative
Mental Courage, Inner Strength, Resistance.

The Mount of Moon
Imagination, Reproduction, Fear, Sexuality.

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