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Importance of Moon Rasi

Importance of Moon Rasi

Your Rasi or the moon sign reveals your inner self. It can give insight into the way you handle your emotions and fears; it can also give insight into the way you love and feel. The moon also governs your moods.

Have you ever met someone with your same sun sign and found that person to be nothing like you? You probably have different moon signs.

When you go home after a long day, get into your PJs, and crash on the couch, this is when your moon sign comes out. It is the unguarded you, the you only those closest to you know. It is your subconscious.

It’s in times of significant stress that your moon sign can truly reveal itself. During trying times, your actions are influenced by emotion and instinct, so the side of you that you normally keep hidden can suddenly come to the surface and conflict with your usual outward personality. This can make you feel crazy, like you aren’t acting like yourself, but it’s in these times that you might be more “yourself” than ever.

Your moon sign also makes itself known in your intimate relationships. It can determine how you love and whether or not love is important to you—it can even play a role in the type of people you are attracted to. Scorpio / Vrischik —an intense and passionate sign—may be attracted to fiery, sensual types. Taurus / Vrish—a steady and balanced sign—needs stability and may be attracted to the “strong, silent” type. Sagittarians / Dhanu need freedom; Aquarians / Kumbha can be unemotional and detached.

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