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Virgo – Kanya

Virgo – Kanya


Indie Astro – Virgo / Kanya

You know how the moon orbits the earth? Well, your intuition orbits everything, and that means you’re often on “sensory overload” making you anxious and twitchy much of the time. Virgin moons tend to pick things up arbitrarily like a sponge gathers water. What’s more, you try to make sense of it all – putting chaos into order. Sorting out details and making everything tidy and logical tends to make you edgy, and others often have no idea what’s gotten you irritated. Just know you are this way, and be patient and accepting of this aspect of yourself. This kind of intuition is a gift. Work with it. And while you’re at it, ease up on the self-criticism. No one else is as harshly critical about you – so why are you being so relentless with yourself? Simply know your standards (even for yourself) are higher than everyone else’s. That means your “average” performance is actually excellence by anyone else’s standards.

You lead a quiet, unpretentious life. You are strong in intellect, and have a very good memory. You should pursue a career of a cerebral nature. You could be quite successful in such a vocation. Occupations dealing with health and healing are also ideally suited for you. Becoming a doctor or dietician would be extremely well suited for you. Your will is good, and should not get you into any kind of trouble. You make an excellent employee because of your honest and amiable nature. You also make a very fair and just employer. You will excel in the service of a company or corporation. You enjoy social interactions. You are prone to having lots of friends, and taking many trips. This is especially true if you are a woman. You like it when things are going well. Sometimes this will lead you to conceal, or ignore problems (especially with your marriage). You like to investigate into others problems, and your intellect is very beneficial to you in this area. You are attracted to the study of both science and the occult. You are extremely sensitive to others, and this may be an indication of psychic abilities.

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