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Palmistry has always been one of the most popular methods in predicting the future.

One of the ideas that serve as the foundation of palmistry is the fact that all people have different handprints. No two hands are the same.

The energy channels depicted by each individual are a mirror of the neuro pathways that are created in the brain. We know that there are two separate sets of functions that are performed by our brain – 1. voluntary and 2. Involuntary.

While our major lines, including the life, head, Heart and to some extent fate are governed by involuntary brain functions, other lines, specially the influence lines, worry lines, appearing / disappearing , strengthening /weakening of lines is governed by our voluntary brain functions and consequent actions.

It is therefore quite interesting to observe that there is no one set thumb rule in interpreting a specific line or a specific mount on a palm but to read the entire palm including the flexibility, texture, colour etc. to come to a conclusion. Same set of lines could mean a different result with change in type of hand, type of fingers, flexibility, space between fingers, combination of mounts, etc. etc.

Hence it become all the more important for the palm reader to be able to engage with the client, interpret the current state of affairs and be able to guide and spell out the next steps to improve the energy channels in palm to improve the outcome over reasonable period of time.

For getting a palm reading done, please send us the full details as mentioned hereunder:

  1. Name (full in caps)
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
    1. City
    2. State
    3. Country
  5. Time of Birth
  6. Scanned Pics of both palms
  7. Additional 2-3 palm pics (preferably light & shadow)
  8. Other Pics of Palm as per the guidelines *
  9. Specific questions (Max three)
  10. Additional Info for support
    1. Height
    2. Marital Status
    3. Educational Qualification/s
    4. Business/ job / profession
    5. Any specific incident in life with date
  11. Payment Mode
    1. Net Banking / Debit / Credit / Cash deposit
  12. Details of the person sending the information
    1. Name
    2. Mobile No (with ISD / STD Code)
    3. E mail id


* Guidelines for taking and sending the palm prints:

  1. Side view (as per adjoining pic)Palm sideways


  1. Palm flexibility (as per adjoining pic)Palm Flexibility


  1. Thumb Flexibility (as per adjoining pic)Thumb Flexibility
  1. Palm with fingers joined (as per adjoining pic) Palm Joined fingers


  1. Relaxed FULL Palm (INCLUDING FINGERS) Scan copy (Both Hands) – sample Palm Scan copy

Our Professional Charges for 1 person’s palm reading is INR Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) for Indian clients.

Please note that the Professional charges for personal readings on client premises are different and such could be inquired and confirmed.

You may write your queries to us on Contact Us.