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Libra – Tula

Libra – Tula


Indie Astro – Libra / Tula

Your life is best illuminated when you keep things simple. You see tremendous beauty in the simplest elements, and seek to keep purity and clarity in place in all your dealings. Just because you have a need for simplicity doesn’t mean you’re life is uncomplicated. A moon in Libra is always looking for a yin to your yang (or vice versa). Meaning, you’re always seeking a complimentary balance to your energy – particularly in partnerships. You love a challenge, and you work very hard to balance the equation by finding solutions. This means you often attract partnerships with people who have some glaring flaws (because you know you can tip the balance and sort them out). You have incredible style too. The arts, fashion and literary excellence lures every inch of your inherent creativity and electrifies you.

You like to make friends. You are very sociable, and are attracted to people and situations that present you with a sense of balance. You look for partnership in all aspects of you life; love, business and friends. People consider you to be popular, affectionate and generous. In short, your life revolves around people. Usually it is just one person, a person with powerful persuasion over your life. Your love of people, company and sociality blinds you to others influence over you. Your judgement can often be swayed or affected by others. You have artistic potential, whether you have explored it or not. This explains your love for music, paintings, and fine arts in general. You have a good fashion sense, and hopefully your wardrobe expresses this. The Moon in Libra gives you a harmonious outlook on life. Partnership and balance are the key themes in your life. Someone else influences everything you do in your life. You are much more productive in the company of others.