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Taurus – Vrisha

Taurus – Vrisha


Indie Astro – Taurus / Vrischika

Your moon side becomes illuminated when you are clear about your place, and where you stand within the grand scheme of things. You like utter honesty, and if you feel mind games are being played, you want no part of it. You tend to be very classy, with killer taste in design, fashion, art, etc. In fact, you need to surround yourself with refinery and loveliness. Otherwise, you’ll pick up on lower energies and dingy or sullied environments will send you to an abyss of depression. Taurean moon signs have notorious inner-wisdom. Your job is to trust that inner-knowing (because often these signs lack the conviction behind their gut instincts) because you are always dead-right. Do not make a move until you feel it is right on a visceral level. It’s your gift, and a fantastic tool for self-preservation. Trust your inner guidance, always.

If one had to describe you with one word, that word would probably be…conservative. You tend to fear anything outside the norm. You are deeply moved by anything that is beautiful. You differ from Aries in that you are not impulsive. Although you both might seek the same end, success, you will try to reach it conservatively, through hard work. The Moon in Taurus is well suited for you then, as those with this sign tend to attract good company, and usually end up with more than their fair share of money and property. You are also attracted to things that are old and established. As far as money is concerned, you will receive your financial reward, no matter what type of work you do. This vocation may not be considered to be worthy of your abilities or standing in the community, but that should not bother you. Your occupation may also have an aura of mystery around it. You are generally sociable, and actually quite sensual. Your social life suits your needs, but sometimes you tend to be a little too materialistic in your relationships. You have a good speaking or singing voice, and have a natural attraction to the theatre. You enjoy making new friends, and like joining clubs or other social circles.

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