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Aquarius – Kumbh

Aquarius – Kumbha


Indie Astro – Aquarius

Nothing much gets past you, particularly when communicating with others. You’re the one who hears what a person is saying, but is also knows what is unsaid. I’d hate to play poker with you because you’re the one who knows everybody’s tells and quirky mannerisms. It’s the moon that enhances your knack for perception, and the Aquarian nature is to intellectualize what you’re perceiving. So, it only makes sense you are able to “read” people to the extreme. In fact, a
lot of your decisions and actions are based on unseen intellect. This makes you look a wee bit daft or eccentric to others. Odds are you don’t mind the label – maybe even relish it. Although you have brilliant perception of what others are all about, you never use it for ill will. Quite the contrary. You are a humanitarian, and easily serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those around you. You also give off a comforting, secure vibe that puts people at ease and makes them trust you. This enhances your ability to help others.

You are very perceptive, imaginative, and enjoy the opinions your friends and colleagues offer. You are social, and sympathetic to others feelings. Your attitude is not the norm. You are prone to unorthodox, independent and unconventional tendencies. Your eccentric interests and hobbies will draw strange looks from observers. You are attracted to anything that is of an intellectual, social, original or unusual nature. Your vocation may include educational, political, scientific or social work. In your heart you are a true humanitarian. You have strong (sometimes-impractical) ideals. You are drawn to large movements supporting great causes. You may also belong to a (get ready for this) mystical or secret society, brotherhood, or association. Your intellect and imagination combine to give you inventive and original ideas. The Moon in Aquarius gives you an attraction towards occult subjects (astrology or clairvoyance). You are a real humanitarian, a true liberal. You get along with people who think the same as you. You may belong to a club or group of people who think the same way as you.

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