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Aura & Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy.

Our body enshrines seven chakras containing subtle energy fields relating to each colour of the spectrum.

Contrary to the staple and crude way of general theoretical practitioners of colour therapy wherein chakras are empowered to stimulate the properties / attributes signified by them, the aim of an expert practitioner would be to help balance the energy within the chakras to maintain and leverage the true personality.

Balance of the energy in each of the body’s chakras is very important for health and wellbeing. Colour therapy can help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance our chakras.

For example, in a case of ADHD, normally chromo-logy practitioners would try to use Blue and Green as per theoretical knowledge, because blue corresponds to the neurological apparatus whereas green reflects nerve impulses. However, this might in certain cases aggravate the behavioural problems, because green might overdraw the energy for impulses and bring the patient on edge. Similarly, blue might soothe the neurological apparatus but may make the person dull and uninterested. Hence, it is very important to analyse the health, emotional, vocational (nature of work), spiritual state of affair of the person before rushing for a snapshot solution.

Details for Colour Therapy counselling are mentioned as hereunder:


  1. You should submit your entire details as per the requirements mentioned in point B
  2. Please deposit / transfer the professional charges of Rs. 1000/- per colour therapy reading
  3. On receiving your mail and the professional charges, we will mail you a questionnaire which you need to fill in as honestly as possible and mail us back, along with 2-3 photographs of yourself (the complete information about the photographs will also be mailed along with the questionnaire)
  4. On receipt of your completed form and photographs, we will revert back with your personal report within 3 working days
  5. In case of any further query on the process, you are welcome to mail us back or contact on the number given to you in the questionnaire mail.

B. The personal details as required for registration :

  1. Name (full in caps)
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Place of Birth
    1. City
    2. State
    3. Country
  5. Time of Birth (Optional)
  6. Specific questions (Max three)
  7. Additional Info for support
    1. Height
    2. Marital Status
    3. Educational Qualification/s
    4. Business/ job / profession
    5. Any specific incident in life with date
  8. Payment Mode
    1. Net Banking / Debit / Credit / Cash deposit
  9. Details of the person sending the information
    1. Name
    2. Mobile No (with ISD / STD Code)
    3. E mail id

You may write your queries to us on Contact Us.