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IndieAstro has been envisioned to bring about a new paradigm and dimension in meeting our client requirements through a bouquet of knowledge streams that have been developed over time immemorial and refined in various cultures across the world.

We believe that using a individual centric comprehensive approach with scientific aptitude gives a better understanding of these occult studies than generic theoretical conclusions and over the years we have been proven so. Every individual is different, even if they are twin, or born in same time, place and date. There lies a differentiating factor that can be better studied and predicted using such tools rather than just predicting on theoretical basis.

“We see our role more as diagnostic rather than soothsaying.”

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A brief overview of the techniques applied are mentioned below:
Various branches of ‘Samudrik’ studies, i.e., Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Aura / Colour Therapy, has been used around the world since time immemorial to help us find the correct guidelines for taking a roadmap or decision. There have been serious attempt to revive and look into the lost scientific basis of why and how certain fundamental theories of these studies come true and hold the test of times. Specially in the West, the study of Palmistry and colour therapy has gained huge acceptance, even among some medical researchers.

Not to mention the decided advantage of Vedic Astrology over Western Astrology (although great new concepts have enriched vedic astrology in last few decades as well) due to specific calculations and predictions based on lunar position, let us also look into the other streams of these hidden knowledge as hereunder …

Palmistry – It is a well established fact that  Cherio, the father of modern western palmistry had spent a considerable time in India learning the knowledge which he thereafter popularised in Western world under his name.

Numerology – Anka Vidya … is a very old Indian branch of knowledge, which was further refined and improvised to suit our current calendar requirements … however, people knowing Indian astrology and vernamala are well versed with the correlation and impact of tithis as well as the ‘beej anka’ of each alphabet.
Further, we are well versed with the importance of “NAAM” in our culture and how such vibrations impact us are well documented in spiritual texts.

Aura / Colour Therapy – Corresponding to the seven chakras in our kundalini, our texts define the colours and mantras that rule each of them. Hence the concept of Colour therapy in India is as old as the Yoga and kundalini tradition.

You may ‘Contact Us‘ for any further information and services.