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Indie Astro – the Sun sign wheel

The Sun sign is defined as the zodiac sign where the planet sun is posited in the chart of an individual horoscope. The Sun sign is one of the most important determinant of assessing the strength of a horoscope besides Ascendant and Moon Signs apart from the position of other planets in zodiac signs.

As Sun is considered the soul force / atma and natural atmakaraka, it becomes important to evaluate the condition, strength, influences by conjunction / combination / aspects and avastha of the planet including functional benefic / malefic nature for the particular ascendant is question.

Sun resides for one month in a particular sign, hence anyone having birth during that time will have same Sun sign, which is a very macro and general view. Hence all Libras are not always as graceful and all Aries are not always as aggressive, which gets suitably modified due to other influences.

Hence the general reading for the sun sign results should not be taken 100% on face value and readings from learned practitioners should be solicited for personalised results.

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