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Pisces – Mina

Pisces – Mina


Indie Astro – Pisces / Mina

You live on the darker side of the moon and tend to be reserved, sometimes downright withdrawn. Some people mistake this for shyness, but that’s really not the case. You’re just sensitive. Deeply sensitive. In fact, you have a vein of psychic gold that is so accurate, it scary even to yourself at times. You are incredibly gifted in your powers of observation. Even better, you are incredibly shrewd, you make accurate assessments and have sound judgment. This unique combination makes you a force to be reckoned with, but you tend to use your powers in creative ways. As long as others allow you to work and play in your own unique way you’re able to remain pretty content. However, if pushed into conformity, or criticized can unleash a raging sea of animosity. No one can blame you though because you have such a unparalleled perspective of the world – you really deserve to dance to your own specialized music and rhythm.

Your emotions drive you. Whatever appeals to them attracts you (be it music, literature or poetry). You change your mind easily, and to some, this makes you unreliable. When the going gets tough, you (much too easily) get discouraged. You love change, routines seem to draw the life out of you. You are easygoing, but very shy. The Moon in Pisces has often been considered an unfavorable Sign. It is often attributed with causing glandular problems and obesity. On the outside you appear happy, but inside you are prone to being depressed. You may even lack a common sense of humor. This may lead to periods of indiscretion, lack of focus, and even dishonesty. At some time in your life hospitals, prisons or some other type of institution will play an important role. However this must be put into context with the rest of your horoscope (the Sun & Ascendant) before any definite conclusions can be drawn. Don’t be discouraged, the Moon in Pisces can be one of the most appealing, sociable, entertaining and humorous of all the positions! You have a flair for music; composing, writing or just listening and appreciating. Whatever you do is emotional and romantic. You have very creative ideas, and a strong imagination to fuel them.

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