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Gemini – Mithun

Gemini / Mithuna


Indie Astro – Gemini / Mithuna

Your mind is as sharp and clear as the fullest moon in the sky on a crystal-bright night. With this kind of mental alacrity comes a tendency to over-think. And, with over-thinking comes anxiety, worry or even doubt about your own judgment. Gemini moons do best when they can balance their active minds with some sort of creative outlet. Music is particularly effective as it activates both left and right brain functions. You have remarkable communication skills. You easily speak to others with confidence, and have the uncanny ability to “know” what is being said to you – even when your mind is thinking instead of listening to what the other is saying. This makes you an effective liaison, communicator and negotiator – but to a point. Gemini moons must be heard. If you feel you aren’t being listened to, you’ll tend to retreat from the scene (rather than push your point).

You like to exercise both your body and your mind. Your time is divided between studying and socializing. You may live in more than one place, or change you residence often. You like to move. The Moon in Gemini is good for your intellect. You are attracted to the literary and scientific. This tends to indicate that the vocation you choose will also be intellectual; a writer, teacher, journalist, scientist, etc. But with the influence of Gemini you will probably change your vocation as often as your residence. The theme of Gemini continues through your life, as you may be ambidextrous, able to do two things at once. You may not always be honest, especially in your dealing with others. You are so good at it, often people may never know you have deceived them.