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Uses in Chromo therapy & Aura therapy

Use in Chromo therapy & Aura Therapy

Gemstones and crystals are prescribed as per the individual requirements, overloads and deficiencies. It is very important to state here that the spiritual, material, psychological and medical effects of each such gemstone or crystal is different and hence needs to be prescribed only as required by expert and experienced professional.

Colour Benefits Effect if Used Excessively
Black ·         Stimulates ability to resist negative emotions ·         Can increase fear and paranoia

·         Increases all doshas when used excessively

Blue ·         Encourages independent thinking and spirituality

·         Anti-tumor

·         Can reduce fever

·         Antibiotic

·         Neutralizes anger

·         Cools emotions

·         Regulates sleep

·         Loss of compassion

·         Sky-blue colour can decrease vata

·         Increases all doshas when used too much

Brown ·         Stabilizing ·         Coarseness of personality

·         Loss of subtlety, refinement

Gold ·         Increases self-awareness and spirituality

·         Stabilizing effect on the mind

·         Strengthens cardiovascular, immune, and endocrine systems

·         Reduces vata and kapha

·         Increases pitta

Green ·         Calming effect on mind and nerves

·         Can reduce fever and headache

·         Balances metabolism

·         Stabilizes weight

·         Increases kapha
Grey ·         Promotes objectivity and neutrality

·         Cools emotions

·         Depressing

·         Loss of vitality

Orange ·         Increases energy and intelligence

·         Can help with thyroid problems and menstrual cramps

·         Can aggravate sexual problems

·         Reduces vata and kapha

Purple ·         Promotes confidence

·         Reduces angina

·         Eases joint stiffness

·         Suppressed and stagnant emotions
Red ·         Increases energy and warmth

·         Strengthens cardiovascular system

·         Promotes objectivity and neutrality

·         Cools emotions

·         Reduces kapha

·         Increases vata and pitta

Violet ·         Antibiotic

·         Immune-boosting

·         Suppressed emotions
White ·         Reduces fevers

·         Antibiotic

·         Antiviral

·         Pain relief

·         Calming effect on heart, emotions, and nerves

·         Promotes compassion and vitality

·         Increases spirituality

·         Can cause lethargy

·         Hypersensitivity

·         Increases inhibitions

·         Increases kapha

·         Reduces vata and pitta

Yellow ·         Motivates

·         Promotes clarity

·         Improves communication

·         Increases energy

·         Can cause hyperactivity

·         Lack of focus and depth

·         Reduces vata and kapha

·         Increases pitta

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