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Leo – Singh

Leo – Singha


Indie Astro – Leo / Singh

No amount of night will dampen your gloriously bright light. You have energy that is undeniable. Indeed, if someone denies you your proper place of respect and authority, it does not bode well. You are in your element when you are being admired for your amazing wit, charm and intelligence. With your sharp intellect comes a tendency to process to quickly and this makes you miss subtle clues in communication with others. Consequently, some misunderstandings can take you completely by surprise. Just remember the phases of the moon, and train your mind to move a bit like a rolling storm (rather than at lightning speed). You like to take risks, and these usually pay off for you because you tend to be naturally lucky. Perhaps that’s why your outlook is usually optimistic.

The Moon in Leo makes you strong, proud and courageous. You enjoy responsibility, and often take on too much of it. You have a natural attraction authority, and enjoy appearing the public eye. You would rather lead than follow any day. Your inherent pride makes you very susceptible to love affairs. The opposite sex takes a strong interest in you because of the frequency and sincerity of these affairs. Your actions at work attract the attention, and respect of your superiors. This can only mean good things for you as far as your career is concerned. As far as money is concerned you are very generous, a little too generous (much the same with your affections!). The Moon in Leo makes for a strong intellect and a strong love of the arts. Don’t be surprised if your occupation involves the theatre, music, painting or literature. You also have a love for luxuries. You like to drink the finest wine life has to offer. You are lively in spirit, have a high intelligence and have good prioritizing skills.

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