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A Happy World Heart Day !!!

Wishing all a Very Hearty Day !!!Heart-Disease

To live … we need a Heart … To Love … We need a Heart … To feel … we need a Heart … and to make it Big in life … We need a Heart too

While most of our lives are controlled by our brain, trying to analyse the pros and cons of our decisions … taking the most safe path … few people, who can listen to their true heartbeats do amaze us … making a grand impact on the lives of people they touch … living and giving through their core.

I am not at all underestimating the importance of rational decision making at all … but try and imagine the heart as the prime driver that gives positive direction to your life while brain smoothens the journey by providing you with the best drive to destination.

Anyways, on World Heart Day, todays’ topic is Physical Heart and the various ailments that afflict it and how do we interpret and intervene it astrologically. The heart guided life path and its significance is left to discussion for another day.

In astrology, these days we find most of the astrologers stress more on favourable and unfavourable planets, with Sun as the prime significator of Heart.

Though partially correct, this is more of a theoretical view. Please understand, all 9 planets have a role to play in every person’s horoscope and you cannot underestimate or overstate their significance, especially when looking from the Medical Astrology perspective.

Let me spell out the few fundamental principles that would give you some understandings of the rationale of interpreting heart health:

  1. Normally, we judge the strength of the Langa / Ascendant Lord to arrive at the ability of the native to fight back. But does that mean a strong ascendant lord will prevent any cardiac ailments … Not that true, because it will depend on the 3rd, 4th & 5th house and its significators in the horoscope. Ascendant lord will surely give the ability to rise back from heavy odds, including physical ailments.
  2. The strength of 3rd Lord is very important, since it gives the overall strength to the horoscope. I will discuss the third house connection with nervous system in following points.
  3. In the natural zodiac, the 3rd house belongs to Mercury, the chief of all nervous impulses (not the nervous system, which is governed by Saturn). Now our heart beats due to the nerve impulses in the sinus node in the heart with a integral link with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in the body.
  4. The 4th house, its lord, and its significator, Moon, holds’ a prime place to judge the nature of ailments. High/low blood pressure, emotional turmoil’s, depression, overly aggressive behaviour are some of the chief indication of affliction to 4th
  5. The 5th house, its lord and Sun, denotes our attitude and life force, which is able to curb the ill effects of the emotional hara-kiri denoted in other places in the horoscope. A weak 5th house will denote a problem with coping with physical / mental or emotional distress.
  6. The 4th & 5th house also denotes the physical structure of heart in our anatomy.
  7. Planet Mars rules the muscles in our anatomy, and heart is a bundle of muscles, hence position of Mars is also very important
  8. Further, Planet Jupiter rules the fat and fat deposits in our body including Cholesterol deposits that causes plaques … which is the biggest cause of cardiovascular diseases in the present times.
  9. Finally, Rahu & Ketu, will denote the suddenness of the onset of disease, whereas Saturn would rule the chronicity of it.

I have tried to summarize this vast topic in a few liners, although in every horoscope, the situation is unique and the protagonist and side artists are different.

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